Monday, 5 May 2008

Training - Session Four - Our Moment of Realisation!

When I say training what I really mean is...

With only three more weekends left until we start our 100 mile voyage down the Thames the three of us thought it would be a good idea to get out in a rowing boat together for the first time!

Confidence levels were high as we approached the Thames at Henley. The river looked calm and, at first glance, almost without flow. We didn't remain confident for long.

We started off rowing against the flow with Swaff and I taking up the oars. After fifteen minutes we turned downstream and rowed on for a further twenty or so minutes. We then moored up and took a five minute breather and recorded this video, our first moment of realisation...


We had only hired the boat for an hour so it was now time to let Doyle have a taste of the rowing. This is when we had our second moment of realisation...


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